Sawn Joinery Softwoods

Our joinery softwoods are sourced from tried and tested Scandinavian and Russian sawmills with a long standing reputation for producing sawn timber of a consistent grade and quality. Our very experienced buying team make regular visits to mills in Sweden, Finland and Russia and have forged relationships with forest owners that enable us to ensure we receive both the quality and specifications our customers demand.

Timber is a renewable resource and as well as being naturally sustainable it is recyclable and biodegradable and therefore the most environmentally responsible building material available today. All our forest owners manage their forests to become a continually renewed source with new forests planted after felling, producing a raw material source that continually regenerates.

Basic Quality Grading - In both the Swedish and Finnish mill grading rules, six basic qualities are described. These are designated I, II, III, IV, V and VI (first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth) and they apply equally to redwood and whitewood.

 Unsorted Quality - The procedure usually employed at sawmills is not to separate the I, II, III, and IV basic qualities but to sell them as a grouped grade. Because they are not separated this classification is known as unsorted. The redwood and whitewood are kept separate.

 Fifth Quality - This quality is available separate from other qualities. Parcels may well include pieces which would justify a higher quality rating. With fifth quality it is normal for the redwood and whitewood to be separated.

 Saw Falling Quality - I-VI qualities sold without further sorting .There is no fixed rule for the percentage of each basic quality within this classification but the mills which sell saw falling quality generally saw it from the logs which yield only limited percentages of I, II and III, qualities. Our Stock excludes VI Quality. 

 Sixth Quality - This is available separate from other qualities. With this quality it is quite common for the mill or the importer to mix the redwood and the whitewood. 

 We have a large range of section sizes available so please contact us for more information.



Sawn Joinery Softwoods